Ryan Shucard - Communications Professional in Washington, DC

Ryan Shucard

As vice president of media relations at SevenTwenty Strategies, Ryan Shucard draws on an in-depth knowledge of communications and public relations as related to national politics. He accepted his current position following service as communications director for the Republican National Committee, in which role he nurtured relationships with press professionals throughout the 2016 election cycle. Named to this position after working as press secretary for Congressman Tom Marino in the US House of Representatives, Ryan Shucard created a succinct and effective message that led to extensive media coverage of the congressman's plan for change.

Ryan Shucard has also served as digital war room associate for DDC Advocacy and as press and special projects assistant to US Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, for whom he crafted a variety of outreach materials for multiple media platforms. He comes to his public relations work with a dual bachelor of arts in journalism and political science, as well as a certificate in political communications.

In his free time, Ryan Shucard enjoys spending time outdoors. He is a Colorado native who continues to enjoy snowboarding as well as mountain biking, camping, hiking, and other related pursuits. Also possessed of a creative mind, he enjoys home design in addition to photography and journaling.